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The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Online News Vs. Newspapers

We all know that newspapers companies are the first to keep us updated with the news every day. But as time goes by there are technologies that were invented as another source of news information that is the internet. But if you notice that even if the internet has already been invented, there are still newspaper companies that still go on with their business. One reason is that, there are advantages and disadvantages with online news vs. newspapers.

Let’s first talk about newspapers since they were the first who provided up with news updates. The advantages of subscribing from newspapers companies or buying newspapers is first, you can file it and you can touch it and can read it anywhere you go. Newspapers can be delivered even on the remote areas where internet can’t reach. Second is convenience since you can carry it anywhere you want to read them, in your room, garden, patio while drinking your morning coffee, or in the comfort of your bed. Third, it’s you can recycle newspapers, you can use it to wrap something, cover something, burning materials, or you can make a bag out of it. Lastly, you don’t need to use and pay electricity just to get an updated news. The disadvantages are; you need to pay for your subscription. Then it could cause clattering in your home.

On the other hand is the online news. The advantages of online news are its accessible 24/7. You can read online news any time of the day. The second thing is it’s free. You can freely read online news unlike newspapers that you need to pay or spend money to buy them. Then you don’t need to worry with the clattering in your home since you don’t have anything to pile like newspapers. The disadvantage of reading online news is it’s more expensive since you will be suing electricity just to read updated news. Then second is the internet connection, you also need to pay for that. Without internet connection you will have any access to any networking sites.

Now you know the difference of online news vs. newspapers. But either ways it’s still a reliable source for news information. it’s up to you which of these you think is more convenient for you as long as you get the news that you want to know, as long as your money is worth the service that you want.

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